Emily + Burt || LifeStyle Engagement Photos

Sometimes as a photographer, you get a glimpse into someone's life and see how truly perfect a couple is together. Such is the case with Burt & Emily. They invited me along on a fishing trip, to take some lifestyle engagement photos of them and their 4-year-old son Jackson fishing. Watching them interact, I can tell what a wonderful family unit they are together. As someone who comes from a blended family times two, I know first hand how important that is. 

I'm so glad I met Emily at the Bridal Walk and I can't wait to photograph their wedding this fall. 

Ashley + Thomas || Montana Engagement Session Preview

Ashley and Tom met in what can only be described as the perfect "meet-cute." She was working in her parent's diner in a small town. He was fighting fires near that small town, and ate at the diner every day. They fell in love.

I mean could it be any more perfect? These two genuinely sweet people were such a blast to photograph. I can't wait for their wedding this fall!