Flashback Friday Feature: Nick + Kayla || Montana Wedding Photographer ||

FATE brings two people together and it is LOVE’s job to keep them there

Nick + Kayla
Big Sky, Montana Wedding

Early on the morning of her wedding day, Kayla rose to go for a quick run. She was nervous, excited and ready. Ready to marry the love of her life, Nick. As she ran, she saw a figure in the distance. As the two grew closer together, Kayla realized it was Nick, also out for an early morning run. Laughing, they ran into each others arms. They hadn't planned on seeing each other before the first look photos. But fate drew them together that morning, just as it did in life.

This was a wedding that had it all: tears of joy for the glory of the day, tears of sadness for absent family, laughter, playfulness, and above all else, true love. Even the weather, in true Montana fashion, cycled from sunny, to rain, and back to sunny again.  There were so many beautiful, funny and touching moments, it was difficult to chose what to post for this Flashback. But here are a few of my favorites.

Venue - Bucks T-4 || Flowers - Country Flower  ||