How to take your reception from great to unforgettable

The first photobooth we did at a reception was at the request of the bride. It was before photobooths were a thing and only a handful of people used Pinterest. Since then, it has grown in popularity to the point where we now offer it as a part of almost all of our wedding collections. 

How does it work, you ask? Well here are the basics:

Sometime either before the ceremony or between the ceremony and the reception, Patrick sets up the photo booth in a out-of-the way corner of the reception area. Once the reception is underway, we request that the DJ or bandleader make an announcement about the photobooth, letting guests know it's there and ready to go!

Then throughout the reception, guests can come and go as they please. As your guests arrive at the photobooth, they will write down their names and email addresses - this is how we provide them with the photos. We've found this is much less hassle for everyone, and this way there's no chance of losing  (or spilling on) a printed photo. They can access, share directly on social media, print it, etc. There are no limits on photos or group combinations and all of this is totally free for your guests. 

While Patrick runs the photobooth, I cover all of the great reception events. We try to limit the "paparazzi" feel, and find that multiple photographers during the reception events can be overkill. So this is the perfect solution! Patrick has a blast running the photo booth and gets so many more funny and interesting poses then you would ever get without a photographer running the booth. 

So if you are looking for a tangible memory for your guests to take away, and you want your wedding reception to stand out, we highly recommend this! Additionally, we are now offering an A LA CART option for the photobooth. Great for family reunions, parties, or fundraising events. In fact, we just set up the booth at the Bridal Walk downtown Bozeman a couple of weeks ago. The first few photos below are from that event. The rest are some of our favorite photobooth images. Enjoy!