Maleea & Jason // Yellowstone National Park Proposal

It's Flashback Friday! Since this blog is new, I'm going to start adding a Flashback Friday feature where I showcase a photo session from the past that I love.

First up is a personal favorite of mine because, well, it's personal. My sister Maleea met Jason in Hawaii. She was there on a prestigious internship with DolphinQuest. He was working at the same Hilton,  fulfilling a dream of living in Hawaii , and pursuing a career in hotel management.

The first time I met Jason, I remember thinking "I really like this guy." Which was pretty unusual for me as the big (read overprotective) sister. He was funny and drank good beer, two important factors in my book.

Flash forward to the two of them living and working in Montana. I'm living the closest to my sister as I have since I was 17 years old. One day I get a call around lunch time from Jason while driving around doing errand. What he says makes me almost drive off the road, "well, I bought your sister a ring."


I was so excited and so happy! Jason then outlined his plan and asked if I would be willing to photograph the proposal. Of course I said yes. So I convinced my sister that we needed a family trip to Yellowstone. That I always wanted to do engagement photos there but hadn't gotten an opportunity to do that yet. So we head down, with the vague plan that I would just be ready, and when Jason felt the moment was right, he would propose. Of course I had been hoping it would happen at Old Faithful, but we were both concerned about the crowd situation. No one wants a hundred other people in the background of their proposal shots (or watching the proposal for that matter). So when we got there and found a somewhat secluded area with a good view of the geyser, I got the thumbs up that this was it.

She was so surprised and kept saying "are you serious?" over and over. So adorable. I'm so grateful that I was able to capture this moment and be present for it as well. Can't wait for their epic wedding in 2016!